Who we are

We provide TV and Film facilities, studio rental hire for all types of shoots, productions and events. Our clients will find that shooting is always on schedule especially since everything is accessible in one location. From shoots, productions, stills, breakfasts, lunches and corporate events to fashion shows, press meetings etc. Serengeti Studio also provides office space for long and short term usage.
Serengeti Studio provides production service for international feature films, documentaries, television productions and a myriad of other long form productions. We work on co-productions with partners from around the world – bringing local expertise, and an element of local financing, to productions handled in East Africa and with foreign countries.
Serengeti Studio edit suites are a one-stop facility conveniently situated in Nairobi. Our post staff spans the entire spectrum of post-production skills and brings considerably more than just the technical knowledge to a project. They are proficient working with industry standard Avid Pro and Davinci Resolve or Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro. We also partner with studios proficient in Audio Production in Pro Tools and have creative partners who specialize in scores or soundtracks for your production.
Serengeti Studio has highly skilled illustrators and animation talent. From concept drawings, storyboards and animatics to full 2D/3D content. Key areas of expertise are animation for visual effects and titling. We work with clients in the advertising, broadcast media houses to digital media partners with online channels.

What we do

1: Film Productions

The company’s commitment to excellence in Feature Film Productions positions it as a leading player in the media and entertainment industry, contributing to the enrichment of global cinematic culture.

2: Animation & comics

In the business sector, animation is a powerful tool for marketing and advertising, enabling companies to convey complex messages in a visually engaging and easily digestible format.

3: Photography & design

The backbone of visual storytelling, providing filmmakers and content creators with the tools needed to translate their creative vision into captivating and visually compelling productions

Why choose Serengeti studios

  • At Serengeti Studios, we believe in harnessing infinite creativity to bring your vision to life. Our seamless production process ensures every detail is meticulously handled, guaranteeing a final product that exceeds expectations. Choose us for a journey where imagination knows no bounds.

  • Serengeti Studios is dedicated to precision in every frame we capture and infuses passion into every project we undertake. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team brings unparalleled skill and enthusiasm to your production. Choose us for a blend of technical prowess and heartfelt

  • Your story is unique, and at Serengeti Studios, we transform it into cinematic magic. Our expertise in media production ensures that every frame, sound, and detail is tailored to elevate your narrative. Choose us for a collaborative journey where your story takes center stage.

  • Serengeti Studios goes beyond boundaries to capture dreams on screen. We thrive on pushing creative limits, turning concepts into captivating visual stories. Choose us for a production experience that transcends expectations, bringing your dreams to life with cinematic brilliance.

  • Serengeti Studios stands on pillars of reliability and innovation, ensuring exceptional results in every project. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and unwavering reliability sets us apart. Choose us for a partnership where your vision meets unparalleled execution, delivering outstanding results every time.

We provide high end advertising photography as well as editorial work. Our photographers shoot in 4k or HD with digital cameras. Our photographers highly recommend our digital pipeline for cost effectiveness, time efficiency and the ability to be more creative while on the set or in the studio. The areas of expertise of our photographers range from aerial (drone licensed operators), architectural, automotive, Augmented Reality (AR), beauty, beverages, blue screen, celebrities, conceptual, corporate, décor, fashion, food, game drives, industrial, to landscapes, multimedia, Virtual Reality (VR), still life, travel & wildlife.

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